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Legal Stuff! Delfryn Design Pentre Cilcain, Mold, CH7 5PF. Tel. 01352 219168

Terms  Sorry, there have to be some conditions to make our position clear. We do however aim to keep it simple and to ensure that you our client become a satisfied customer and remain with us in the future.   

When you become our client you agree to the following terms.

1. Access to your web site may for brief periods be interrupted. In these circumstances you will not be entitled to any compensation or refund of payments for unavailability of or interruptions to the service. Be assured that we will only deal with mainstream service providers we believe to be reliable and financially secure.

2.In the unlikely event of a permanent failure of your host service provider we will arrange for your site to be published with an alternative service provider free of additional charge for the remaining period of you agreement.

3.Your contract with us is for twelve months unless stated otherwise and will automatically be renewed on payment of your annual maintenance charge. Should you not wish to renew your contract, please advise us as early as possible, but not later than 40 days before your annual renewal becomes due. After the first 12 months of your contract, you may cancel your agreement with Delfryn Design, with 40 days notice, and the balance of your annual fee will be refunded.   


4.We shall not be liable to  you nor to any third party for any direct or indirect loss of profit, anticipated profit, savings or anticipated savings, contracts, revenue, time, goodwill or loss of or harm to data or other content or for any other indirect or consequential loss resulting from our failure to provide the agreed service.

5.Any liability we may have to the you our client in contract, tort, or otherwise in connection with the supply or non-supply of the services agreed,  shall be limited in each calendar year, to damages equal to the charges paid by the you our client, in that calendar year.

6.It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary copyright to use any images which they supply for use on their web site, and the Customer indemnifies Delfryn Design against any action resulting from any failure on their part in this matter.

7. Delfryn Design shall not be liable for any failure to register or renew any domain name as requested by the client, or for any delay in so doing which results in the loss of the domain name.

8. For administration purposes Domain Names are initially registered in the name of Delfryn Design. Customers may however have domain names registered in their own name upon request.  

Distance Selling Regulations / Consumer Contract Regulations .

Under these regulations you have a right to cancel your order for any Service purchased from Delfryn Design and obtain a full refund, provided that Delfryn Design has not started to provide the Service to you.

To cancel this Agreement you must e-mail or write to Delfryn Design before the expiry of 14 working days beginning with the day following the day on which you place your order for the Service. Delfryn Design shall provide you with a refund as soon as possible and in any case within a period not exceeding 30 days beginning with the day on which you give notice of cancellation.

Search Engines - limitations:

We will optimise your site and submit it to search engines to give your business every chance of being found by potential clients and customers.  It is important to realise however, that you should not depend solely on search engines for your traffic.  Find alternative ways to attract traffic to your web site. Google, Yahoo! and the many other search engines have millions of pages in their directories, and as a small business amongst many others a high ranking can not be guaranteed.