Credit Card Payment can be included

“Having a web site helps you generate a professional image”

Sound. Sound can be added to web pages, but should be used only in limited circumstances. Take a look at “The TurboSnails”  page for an example of how sound can be effectively used.

Photos, Animations or “slide shows” can be used to enhance your visitor’s experience.  To keep your home page fresh, we can arrange for a different image or photo to appear each time a visitor enters your site.

Text special effects can be added such as  Java Script “Get online” image at the top of this page or the “Do you like this text effect” at the bottom of this page. Text effects like these can be useful, but on most sites should be used very sparingly if at all.     

Logos. You can chose from an extensive range of ready made business logos.

Photography. Delfryn Design can carry out digital photography as required.  Most of the photographs on our sites have been taken by us.

Video. With improved broadband speeds and DivX processing it is possible to include a video on your site.


Where large quality photography is important an alternative is to place “thumbnail” images on your page which can be enlarged by the user clicking on them. Click on the thumbnail image of the Cilcain Mountain Race to see a larger better quality photo.


A Twitter message box can be added to your site


“Clever stuff” can add to the appeal of your site, but must not be allowed to distract the viewer from the all important content.

Optimization forms an important part of web design
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Blogs & Forums: A forum or blog allows visitors to your  site to interact, hold discussions, and ‘post’ general comments and questions or to discuss a common topic of interest.  See Cilcain Show

Frames can be included on a page allowing one or more “child” pages to be viewed at the same time from a “parent” page. This works well with tables, allowing the visitor to simultaneously look at and scroll down two or more tables containing, for example, events diaries.  

Hyper links and Hotspots can be set up to take your visitors to other sites (for example a map showing your location or a local weather forecast), or to another location on your site. You can click on Delfryn Design to return to my home page.

Search A search box can be included on the home page to search any key words on your site. See this site’s home page.

A slide show can be an excellent way of displaying your product range on your home page.

Oulton Park Cheshire

Circuit Length 2.6920 miles

Corners 17

Lap Record Ryuichi Kiyonari - Honda

Pop up panels can be used to display extra information while keeping your visitor on a specific page.