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Developing a successful Web site requires thinking strategically about a few key issues. First, determine the purpose of the site. Is it a public relations tool, a source of information, or a channel for selling products and services?  Product or service information and your contact details are priority. Visitors must be able to find key information easily.


Determine the target audience for your site. We will help you select a style and tone of writing based on your purpose and audience. Text should be energetic to catch your readers’ attention. We can ghost write your information if required.


Previously printed brochures, newsletters, and other marketing materials are a great source of information for your site. We can compile the text for your site from this type of information, but be sure to select material that is still relevant to your readers. A Web site can be ideal for displaying information typically hard for your customers to find. Consider looking at Web sites of competitors or similar organisations for ideas.

Site planning:  

Content should be organised to separate items that change infrequently from items that require frequent updating. For example, we would group together a summary of your organisation and location information separately from product or service information, special offers, press releases, and upcoming events. Organising information in this way enables us easily to update sections needing frequent revision so keeping cost down and helps readers quickly find the information they want.

Photos & Graphics.

Using graphics and photos will add vitality to your site. A picture is worth a thousand words and Delfryn design are experienced in producing digital photographs for most needs.

For the technically minded:

Search Engine Optimisation:  

Meta Tags are the information inserted in your web pages, where apart from the Title Tag, text is not visible, but is intended for the search engine crawlers. Meta Tags are included so that the search engines and directories are able to list your site more accurately. The Title Tag  shows the words that appear at the top title bar of your browser.  It is these words or phrase that appear as the title of your page in the hyperlink listings on the search engine results. Search engines use the Title Tag to gather information about your site. The Meta Description Tag allows you to give a short summary of your web page content usually 25-30 words. In the Search Engine Results Pages, after reading the Title, a user goes through the description of the page and decides whether he wants to go to your site or not. It is therefore important that the Meta Description Tag is well composed. The Meta Keywords Tag can have 20-30 important non-repetitive keywords about your site. The Meta Robots Tag and robots.txt file gives you the ability to specify whether search engines should index a page. By default, search engine spiders understand that the page and all the links appearing on that page are open for indexing. This Meta Tag and file is used only when you don’t want certain parts of your web page indexed.

We also carry out an analysis of the top ten sites offering products or services similar to yours. We study their key words, key word density and key word location and as far as possible ensure that your site has similar properties to the most popular.

Content: Although the meta tags assist in site optimisation, the text in the first paragraphs of your site is most important. Key words most relevant to your site must always be included in the early part of your site’s text.