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On Line Booking

Ideal for small hotels, bed & breakfasts and sports facilities such as booking tennis courts by the hour.

Your client sees a booking form similar to the one shown here. The available dates for each room are clearly shown after clicking on “Book.”  

The client selects the dates wanted and double or single occupancy. Confirmation is given to the client that the accommodation is available. The client is invited to provide his contact details and to book. He receives the message : The administrator will review and accept/decline your booking. You will be notified via email. Your pending booking ID is SRB_2494. He also receives an email thanking him for his provisional booking.

A message is sent to your email address giving the booking details and your “rooms calendar” is updated to show the booking.   

You contact the client either by email or ‘phone (you may want to get a credit card number) and confirm the booking.

You can easily add bookings received by telephone or post to your bookings calendar to keep availability up to date.

You can access the bookings management system for full control from any internet computer.